Rehearsal Space Rental

Since September we have been offering limited open hours for public rentals and space use! Below are available hours starting February 14th:


Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays




Please click HERE to view our availability calendar!

We have worked hard to be in compliance with the most up to date Covid-19 safety protocols (as well as offering some additional measures if you choose) so that you and the staff feel protected, to the best of our ability. We look forward to continuing to work together with you to uphold the safety standards and keep the space as safe and sanitized as possible, at all times. To account for this additional labor and supply there will be a moderate increase in our yearly maintenance fee to $20 (up from $15). We also now have the following supplies available for purchase or rent during your visit:

Colorful Handmade Masks* $8 each (*disposable masks are available for your use free of charge if you do not arrive in a suitable face covering)

MedifyAir Portable Air Filters $10 per rental period (may be reserved in advance)

Infrared Thermometer $5 per rental period (may be reserved in advance)


Please make space rental payments HERE

For much more information about our Covid-updated rental experience please see our updated rental contract HERE

For current availability please email requests to  Please note that we may be unable to accommodate requests exactly as we are scheduling carefully to prevent arrival overlaps as well as allow time for our staff to clean between renters. For this reason, we may also be unable to accommodate last-minute requests or changes due to the large amount of front-loaded procedure set up to make your visit to BAX as contactless and distanced as possible. 

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