Q. What will the schedule of the party be?

A. When you confirm your party, you will have three hours of time reserved in the studios. The first 30 minutes are designated for clean-up and the last 30 minutes are designated for clean-up. Guests should be invited during the middle two hours. See below for sample party schedules:

 Sample Schedule for a party below. Please note that Saturday Parties are scheduled from 2pm-5pm and Sunday parties can be from 9:30am-12:30pm or 1pm-4pm. 

Classic Party

1:00-1:30 Set-up

1:30-3:30 Open play, followed by refreshments or activities (led by party family)

3:30-4:00 Clean-up


Creative or Young Artist Party

1:00-1:30 Set-up

1:30-2:00 Guests arrive, open play

2:00-2:45 Activity or Workshop, led by BAX teaching artists

2:45-3:30 Cake and pizza or refreshments

3:30-4:00 Guests leave, clean-up


Q. That doesn’t seem like enough time. Can I book more time?

A. That depends on our space availability. Please reach out to the party@bax.org and ask if on the day in question there is availability. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that there will be availability for an additional hour to be added to your party.


Q. What is the party activity like?

A. The party activities are based in movement, dance, drama and tumbling, and designed collaboratively between the BAX teaching artist and the party family. Activities are always creative and physically engaging, and may be designed around any theme or interest. Teaching artists will contact the party family at least a week before the party to go over desired theme & logistics. Past themes have included: cartoons, mermaids, musicals, ballerinas, super heroes, and many more. The sky (and your child’s imagination) is the limit! Please communicate the theme of your party to the Birthday Party Coordinator.


Q. May I book my own entertainment for the party?

A. Yes, you may book your own entertainment. However, some forms of activities are not suitable for our space. Balloon Animal artists, and face painting (as long as their paint has NO GLITTER) work well in our space. However, large crafting activities and Lego parties do not work well in our space.


Q. Is there anything you do not allow?

A. Yes.

Things we DO NOT ALLOW include:
No Popcorn
No Ice Cream/Ice Cream Cake
No Glitter of any kind. This means even decor with glitter is NOT allowed.
No Confetti
No Pinatas
No Live Music

Q. How many people may we invite?

A. If you are booking an Creative or Young Artist party, you will book a party for either 15 or 25 children. This number includes all children over the age of two. If you are booking a classic party, we ask you to limit your guest count to 25 children. Our space can comfortably fit around 25 children and 25 adults.


Q. What will the space be like?

A. You will have exclusive access to our two second-floor studios (Studios A and B; photos and dimensions can be found here) as well as access to our small lobby area, second-floor bathrooms, and kitchen. Please note we do not allow any shoes in either of our studios.

Q: What will the Set-up look like? 

A. Our basic setup includes:

(2) 6ft tables in Studio A with red table clothes.

(2-3) 4ft tables adjusted to child height with red table cloths and stools in Studio A.

And our playspace equipment in Studio B.

Equipment will vary, depending on child’s age and what is currently available)


Q. What will the staffing be like? 

A. On the day of your party you will have 1 BAX staff member to help with your set-up and your clean up, but setting up and cleaning up is the responsibility of the family. 

If you book a Creative/Young Artist Party for up to 15 kids, you will have 1 Teaching Artist, who will set up our Playspace equipment and lead the activity at the scheduled time.

If you book a Creative/Young Artist Party for up to 25 kids, you will have 1 Teaching Artists, who will set up our Playspace equipment and an additional Teaching Artist will arrive 15 mins before your scheduled activity and assist with the activity.


Q. Do we need to bring tables, chairs, or tableware?

A. BAX will provide tables (up to two 6ft tables for food and up to three 4ft adjustable height tables), tablecloths (red), small stools, plates, cups, and utensils (Ikea- Kalas tableware) for up to 25 children and a few chairs for adults. If you wish to provide more tableware or specific themed tableware, you are welcome to bring your own.

*We cannot provide more than our 5 tables. If you wish to have more, you are responsible for renting them and having them delivered during your set up time. 

Q. Do we need to bring our own food?

A. If you have booked the Basic Party Package, BAX will not provide any food except coffee and tea service for the adults. If you have booked the Deluxe Package, BAX will provide pizza for all guests and juice for all children. If you have booked the Complete package, BAX will also provide a cake that serves at least one slice per child. If you would like to provide chips, pretzels, soda, or any other food or beverages, you may bring your own. BAX will provide serving bowls and pitchers.


Q. What do I need to do to book a party?

A. You may request a party using our birthday party request form here. Once we have received your request, you will be contacted within 3-5 days to confirm your party and make a deposit of one-half. Note: Your party is not confirmed until you have made a deposit.


Q. Can I book an adult party/baby shower/event?

A. Yes, however if your event is not a child’s birthday party, it must be booked as a special rental through Sara Roer, Operations Manager. Please click here for more information on special rentals.


Q. What dates do you have available?

A. All available dates are listed on our website HERE.