Technical Specifications

The performance space is on the 3rd floor of a building without an elevator.

Please contact Kelindah Schuster, Technical Director, at to discuss your technical requirements.

Performance Area

25’ wide x 25’ deep x 9’ high

The floor is a sprung blond wood surface. Windows on stage left, covered with black curtain during performance. Gallery wall on stage right, covered with black curtain during performance. Black traveler for backdrop or white wall.

There is one studio dressing room/greenroom, 2 toilets, 2 sinks. There is VERY limited storage.

*No wing space.
*No fly system.
*No front curtain.

House seats a maximum of 70 (30 chairs on risers, 20 chairs in two rows in front of risers, 10 chairs in House Right corner, 10 spaces for floor seating in front of risers)

Sound Equipment

2 – hand-held wired mics (Shure 58)

5 – mic stands: 2 base mic stands, 1 boom mic stand, 2 desk mic stands

2 – XLR runs from booth to stage for mics or any other live inputs

(additional XLR lines may be possible, please consult Technical Director)

1 – 14-channel sound mixer (Mackie 14-VLZ Pro Mixer) including ⅛” audio jack into sound system

1- 1 deck CD player

2 – JBL EON 10 G2 Speakers to audience

1 – Galaxy Audio Core PA5X140 Speaker/Monitor to stage

2 – music stands

BAX does not own any reverb unit or any special effects.

Any additional sound equipment that the Artist would like to provide must be approved by the Technical Director.

Artist has the option of e-mailing music/sound playback files to Technical Director for playback from BAX provided device. Music/sound files MUST be sent to Technical Director at least one week prior to first night of tech. If music/sound files are not sent by this date, Artist must provide files on their own playback device for tech/performance.


Lighting Design/Lighting Equipment

1 ETC Express 24/48 Computer Console

24 Dimmers (12 ETC Dim @ 2.4Kw & 12 Applied Electronic Dim @ 1.2Kw)

Basic Rep plot includes:

  • 3 @ 6” Fresnels units for DS Down Light

  • 3 @ 6” Fresnels units for US Down Light

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for SR Hi Side Warm Light

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for SL Hi Side Warm Light

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for SR Hi Side Cool Light

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for SL Hi Side Cool Light

  • 3 @ 4 x 6 Leko units for DS Front Light

  • 4 @ 6” Fresnels units for CTR Front Light

  • 4 @ 6” Fresnels units for US Front Light

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for Back Light (Red)

  • 2 @ 6” Fresnels units for Back Light (Clear)

  • 2 @ 4 x 6 Leko units for Back Wall Wash

  • 1 @ 6” Fresnels units for CTR Spot


1 – Sharp XR-10X Notevision (available for rental. Please consult Sara Roer for prices/availability)

1 – Mini-port VGA Adapter for Mac

Artist must provide their own playback device (ex: laptop, media player) for playback of their video.

If you will be renting/bringing in any outside equipment, you must contact the Technical Director to clarify the compatibility between your inputs and the soundboard at BAX.

If you have need of any equipment not listed above, you will need to provide it yourself. BAX does not allow use of hazers or atmospheric effects.



Each Performance Rental Package is staffed by the Technical Director who may also be the operator for lights, sound, and video. Keep that in mind when thinking about your cues. The Technical Director can also design very simple lights during your rental tech time using BAX’s general plot. Artists are encouraged to contract their own Lighting Designer if their lighting needs are complex. Artist must provide a Stage Manager/Technical Assistant or BAX can supply one with advanced notice and an additional hourly free. You are encouraged to recruit volunteers or hire additional staff if you feel that you will need additional help.


We have minimal furniture (including 3 stage cubes) available for use and limited storage space. It is the artist’s responsibility to make outside arrangements for transporting/storing their own set equipment.


All costumes, props and set pieces should be struck from the space DIRECTLY AFTER THE LAST PERFORMANCE. If you anticipate some difficulty with this, please make special arrangements with the technical director at least two weeks prior to performance.


Use of live flame is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes but is not limited to candles, cigarettes, matches, lighters, etc. There are no exceptions.

Additionally, BAX does not allow the use of glitter or cut glass in any of its spaces.